C E L I A  A S H L E Y
author of contemporary and paranormal romance
About me, as an Author
As an author of contemporary paranormal romance, I am a sucker for a tortured soul. If all of my characters
were as happy as clams, we'd find them pretty boring, wouldn't we? The big payoff for all that angst, however,
is finding true love. Whether writing about ghosts, heroines with psychic powers, stalkers or a community of
others, every tale is filled with suspense and danger, all wrapped up in a spicy romance.  

Many readers ask me how I started writing and I can only say it began with a love of reading. I wrote my first
book at age seven--a thirty page story about a girl and her horse, complete with illustrations, entitled
Windy Day.  
I can't remember now if Windy Day was the name of the horse or the prevalent weather condition but, suffice it
to say, my yearning to be a writer began at that time. I spent the rest of my childhood (and continue to this day)
reading a book the first time for pleasure and each time thereafter with an eye to nuance of phrasing, description,
pacing, flow: everything that originally drew me in and enamored me. I am, in that sense, self-taught at my craft,
although I love the inspiration that new learning brings me and welcome knowledge from every source.

Most of all, I welcome feedback from my readers. You are, after all, the truest inspiration! So, keep those
comments coming.

Take care,