C E L I A  A S H L E Y
author of contemporary and paranormal romance
Hauntingly beautiful, Alcina Cove lures many into its lovely port. But these days, the coastal New England town’s
allure could be deadly….

Drawn back to Alcina Cove by an ominous dream, Maris Granger hopes to reconcile with her beloved but
long-estranged Aunt Alva. Sadly, Maris discovers Alva has died under mysterious circumstances, destroying
any hope for closure. Bereft and vulnerable, Maris finds shelter in the arms of the sexy, stalwart cop handling
the case. But loving Detective Dan Stauffer feels like a betrayal of Aunt Alva’s memory, especially when the
stubborn lawman denies her sinister suspicions about her aunt’s death.

Falling for Maris is easy. Believing in the “clues” the dark-haired beauty swears will solve her aunt’s murder is
another story. Dan isn’t about to let go of reason when it comes to solving the biggest case of his career. But
when Maris is suddenly pegged as the prime suspect, Dan is ready to do anything to keep her safe, no matter
what dark truths emerge….
Comes the Dark
"Well written suspenseful romance that will keep you guessing..." Kathleen
at Goodreads for
Storm Surge

"One of the best suspenseful romance novels I've read in a very long time!"
Megan at Goodreads for
Storm Surge
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